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All about Evexiata

We created this site specifically to assist with all your travel and wellness needs, wants and ventures.


Wondering why the name?

 Look up EVEXIA and then look up IATA. You'll be able to piece it all together - we feel it. You will find travel deals & suggestions to hit every budget and travel style. You will find tidbits of goodies to keep you at your healthiest and best. You will find sales and deals on travel and wellness products. The products you will find here are the best of the best, the purest of the purest. You will find ways for you to get invovled in this amazing community. You will laugh and cry with us. We believe in honesty, integrity and fun. You will find a community on our social media platforms focused on the same as you - exploring & wandering well.


Our JP Team

We are a crew of people that have made conscious choices to try our very best to live well. We are focused on simple things like getting enough sleep each night, moving our bodies every day, eating tonnes of fruits and veggies & taking time out just to breathe. Although we all use different practices to be our healthies selves we have one similarity. This similarity is JuicePlus. We all use this amazing product as a catalyst for everything else we focus on with our wellness goals. We are always looking for more like minded people to join our growing team! Click here to learn more!

our Travel team

Each consultant with Evexia Travel is here because they chose this career. They are here because they love travel, do travel & adore helping others do the same. Each agent has been specifically selected as they fit with our culture, are very detail oriented & are experts in our fields.  

If you like booking your own trip click here now! After booking, one of our agents will be in touch with a special thank you & to provide you a personal contact to assist with any questions you have along the way.

If you would like to book any of our advertised holidays or just prefer to book with a person (ooh we love when this happens!) Please fill out the contact form & we will set you up with the agent that best fits your needs!

About Julia

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Julia Lutchman is the owner-operator of Evexia Travel which is based in Cochrane, AB.  She has been a travel manager since 2005, working in many fields of the business. She has focused on family holidays, group & incentive trips, weddings, corporate & entertainment clientele. Through her continued training, years of experience and own travel she has grown more & more fascinated with our world and how to bring the small corners into a reality for her clients. Over the past few years, she has found her niche & passion within travel - working with the entertainment industry & creating unique & inspiring holidays for her clients with a focus on helping her clients wander well.  All of her work happens from her laptop or phone sometimes from her home office, sometimes a coffee shop & sometimes from the beach. She is a lover of many things including travel, yoga, wine, reading books about other cultures & spending time with her family.


Within one month of graduating from University Karen moved to Thailand for a year to teach at a local school in Bangkok. It only took that one experience - of living in a completely different culture - to know she was hooked on travel for life.

Sometimes her clients like to go back to that one beloved place. Sometimes she helps them see and experience somewhere totally new! Whatever the case, Karen gets to see that sparkle in their eyes when they tell her about their dreams and recount stories when they return. There are so many options out there now with technology, it's starting to get harder to navigate. That's where Karen shines – and can sift through the information to create memorable, well-organized experiences.

Karen’s travel history after Thailand and South East Asia? Western Europe (pretty much all over, she lived in Switzerland for a year as well), Greece, Cuba, Mexico & all across Canada and the northern United States. Some recent favourites and repeats: Costa Rica and Disney (think Disney Japan, Euro Disney, Disney Cruise, Disneyworld, and Land!).

Her next destinations? Ireland and a cruise to Alaska!

Reach out to Karen to begin planning your next adventure with her: karen@evexiatravel.com