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Sometimes something you never thought possible can become a reality. We want to change that bucket list to a life list.



Every aspect of Evexiata is boutique & we take great pride in delivering a boutique experience. We believe in simple and personal touches. Evexia Travel is no different. We value your time from the first conversation about your trip, through the booking process, all they way to the moment you get back.

We also think outside the box & may challenge your requests a little further than you may have been challenged. We want you to have amazing, unforgettable & unique experiences.

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Jordan Siemens / Getty Images

Jordan Siemens / Getty Images


Whether you are looking for some time to slow down & recharge, spend some quality time alone or with that special someone, relax or push your body & mind to the limits this is the spot for you. A wellness trip focuses on recharging, rejuvenating, rekindling, & reaffirming. Wellness travel hones in on your physical, mental &/or spiritual well-being & health.  At Evexiata wellness travel is more than a yoga trip (although we fully support a whole lotta' yin in your life!). A wellness trip can focus on the part or part(s) of your health that you have been putting on the back burner.

Wellness travel does take a bit of courage - especially the first go at it. Wellness travel usually has more structure and commitment to it. Instead of putting aside the gym & eating/drinking to your hearts content on holiday, these trips are focused on your health being at the forefront. Please contact us to get started on your first, or next wellness vacation.



unique destinations & experiences

At Evexiata - we are always striving to bring to you unique and exciting new adventures and experiences. We want you to have those pictures and memories to come home about that make travel the amazing gift that it is.  We would be ecstatic to talk to you about creating your own unique, custom adventure that caters to you. Click on the link to get in touch, or give us a shout! Holiday ideas are also added to our social media platforms & blog frequently. Click here to follow us on Instagram to keep in the loop of where our creative juices are taking us (& hopefully you!).




Let's face it. There are constantly reasons to celebrate in life & what better way to celebrate than with your crew all together in a beautiful destination. We gleefully celebrate your love through destination weddings, vow renewals, bachlor(ette) parties. We love to celebrate you & your milestones - weather that be birthdays, or life achievements.  We thoroughly enjoy celebrating those who get that extra high five for all their hard work through corporate incentive trips.  We would be honoured to be a part of the celebrations of your life & work. We can be as involved & present with as many or few steps of the way as you prefer. Reach out to get started on the planning.